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Double Acting Hydraulic Jack- RSR-Series

Double Acting Hydraulic Jack-RSR-Series

Double Acting / Solid Plunger. Capacity : 10 Tons - 1000 Tons

1. RSR series Hydraulic Jacks has cylinders are perfect for bridge lifting, building reconstruction,shipyard,utility and mining equipment maintenance.

2. Relief valves that prevents damage in case of over - pressurization.

3. Hollow plunger design allows for both pull and push forces.

4. Collar threads are easy fixturing and all collar threads have a cap for protection.

5. It has a special center tube protect plunger and inner of cylinder increases product life.

6. Internal hard chrome-plated and external surface coating resists cylinder corrosion.

7. Wiper rings protect the piston, bore and tube from contamination.

8. There is a stop ring for piston blow out protection.

Double-Acting Hydraulic Jack. RSR-SERIES