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OMARSTAR Make Hydraulic Pullers (Taiwan)

Standard Hydraulic Puller
Standard Capacity : 4-15 Tons
Standard / Cobra Hydraulic Puller
Standard / Cobra : Capacity : 15 Tons
Cobra jaw hydraulic puller
Cobra Jaw : Capacity : 10-30 Tons
Separate Hydraulic Puller
Separate Puller : Capacity : 10-50 Tons
Hydraulic Puller Kit / Set
2 jaws package : Capacity : 6-12 Tons
Hydraulic Puller Kit / Set
3 Jaws Package : Capacity : 6-20 Tons
Two Jaw Bearing Puller, Two Jaw Gear Puller
2 Screw/Straight Jaw : Capacity 6-12 Ton
Three Jaw Bearing Puller, Three Jaw gear Puller
3 Straight Jaw : Capacity : 6-12 Ton
Straightener & Wide Spread Puller
Straightener / Wide Spread Puller
Capacity : 15 Tons
Hydraulic Puller Tool Set
Puller Tool Set

Capacity : 8-15 Ton
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We mainly supply hydraulic jaw puller tool for industrial repairing, such as 2 jaw bearing puller tool, 3 jaw gear puller and puller Kit/Set, etc. The puller tool can dismount a wide variety of press-fit parts easily and speedily, including bushing, bearings, gears, pulleys and so on.