Flange Spreader - Omar Star ( Taiwan )

hydraulic flange spreader

12 and 15 tons hydraulic flange spreaders which are ideally used in industries where flanged joints are encountered during the tasks of fabrication & maintenance. Operated with a standard hydraulic hand pump and connecting hose, flange spreader can be operated individually or as a pair when opening large diameter flanges spreaders. Flange spreader comes with light-weight to carry with sturdy handle easier, complete hydraulic system allows effortless generation of force and spreading, min. required access gap is only 3mm, is an easy, cost-effective solution.

  • Min. Required Access Gap is only 3mm.
  • An easy, cost-effective solution.
  • Light-weight flange spreader is easy to carry with sturdy handle.
  • Complete hydraulic system allows effortless generation of force and spreading.


  • Two hydraulic flange spreaders can easy be used simultaneously when used in combination with Omar star hand pump, a split-flow manifold and hydraulic hose.


  • 360° Rotary handle swivel clevis allows pumping at all directions.
  • Self-contained Hydraulic Flange Spreader, no need for extra hand pump, hose and coupling.
  • Safety valve minimizes the risk of the puller overload by limiting the applied force.
Item No.OutputMin. Required Access Gap (mm)Max. SpreadAccessoryNet WeightGross Weight
CK3-12 12 ton 3 34 AP-800/AP-1300 4.55 4.95
CK3-15 15 ton 3 34   5.85 6.25
hydraulic flange spreader
Item No.TypeUsable Oil CapacityMax. SpreadAccessoryNet WeightGross Weight
IP-1200 Single Acting, Two Speed 1200 14 700 8.8 9.6
AP-800 Single Acting, Two Speed 700 14 700 5.6 6.4
AP-1300 Single Acting, Two Speed 1300 14 700 5.8 6.6