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SUNRUN Make Hydraulic Electric Pumps / SPE-Series


1. Requires less energy, simple and easy to operate.
2. Suitable for any industrial operations.
3. Handle and casing built together.
4. Equipped with 10ft remote line.
5. Carbon brush less motor, working frequently.
6. Reservoir capacity : 3000-6000c.c..
7. Flow at rated pressure : 4-0.4L.
8. Motor Size 0.37KW (0.5 HP).
9. Maximum operating pressure 700bar.

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Hydraulic Electric Pump
SPE-3000 (SPE-Series)
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SPE-3000 (SPE-Series)
Drawing Specification

Custom build your electric pump. SPE-3000 A(1) 1(2) 5(3) 1(4) LT(5) PG(6)

1. Valve.
    A. 3way / 2position built-in solenoid valve:
    Advance hold return.
    B. = Remote release pressure.
    Advance return.
    (Ideal for punching, crimping and cutting).
    C. 3way / 2position manual valve.
    Advance hold manual return.
    C. 4way / 3position manual valve.
    Advance hold manual return.

2. Hz.
    5 = 50Hz / 60Hz.

3. Voltage/A.
    1 = 115V/7.5A.
    2 = 230V/2.8A.

4. Phase.
    1 = 1ph.

5. Reservoir.
    No word = 3000c.c PU reservoir.
    LT = 6000c.c Iron reservoir.

6. Fitting.
    P = Pressure adjust switch.
    G = Pressure guage.
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Electric Pumps SPE-3000-Series Models Available