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V-tech Hydraulics Make : Scissor Lifts | Aerial Work Platforms | Heavy Duty Scissor Lifts

Hydraulic Scissor lifts | Hydraulic Aerial Work Platforms
Hydraulic Scissor Lifts | Aerial Work Platforms
Hydraulic heavy duty scissor lifts | Heavy duty scissor lifts
Hydraulic heavy Duty Scissor Lifts
Hydraulic manual scissor lifts | manual scissor lifts
Hydraulic manual Scissor Lifts

We manufacture Hydraulic scissor lifts, Hydraulic Aerial Work Platforms , Hydraulic Heavy duty Scissor Lifts & Hydraulic Manual Scissor Lifts for indoor and outdoor applications.
Hydraulic Scissor Lift reduces need to bend to pick up goods, saving labour input to enhance work efficiency. It is used in applications like loading & unloading of goods in warehouse, conveying and lifting parts along assembly lines. It is suitable for heavy-duty applications or short lifting distance.

It is Suitable for lifting over larger distances, reduces labour input to enhance work efficiency, remote-controlled eases loading & unloading cargo co. Long stroke, wide vertical transfer buffer.

  • V-tech has in house design & manufacturing facilities in Dharwad for :
  • ARIEL Work platforms
  • DIE loaders
  • Scissor lifts have revolutionised the concept of material handling safer and simpler.
  • Safe Design parameters, quality raw materials and accurate finish is what makes V-tech products world class.

It is available in different table sizes & loads. Mobile and stationery. Platform is covered with checked plate. Improves efficiency & safety of men & material. There are out riggers on 4 sides for safety. Toeing handle for easy swivel movement. Out riggers give good stability.