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Single Acting Low height
Hydraulic Jack

Single Acting Low height Hydraulic Jack-RSCS-Series

Single Acting / Spring Return. Capacity : 10 Tons - 100 Tons

1. Compact design for use in where other Jacks cannot fit in, but it needs more stroke than SRSM-Series.

2. Single acting,Spring return.

3. Surface coating resists corrosion.

4. Chrome plated plunger resists wear and rust and extends life.

5. All the models include SQB-3/8UF coupler and dust cap. There is a stop ring for piston blow out protection.

6. Single Acting Low Height Jacks is light weight.

7. low profile design which is used in confined spaces.

8. Maximum sized springs speed piston return and also increases spring life.

9. It has a plunger wiper reduces contaminant.

10. It also has powder coat finish for increased corrosion resistance and anti rust.

Single Acting Low height Hydraulic Jack-RSCS-Series Specification