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Double Acting Hydraulic Jack- RSRH-Series

Double Acting Hydraulic Jack-RSRH-Series

Double Acting / Spring Return. Capacity : 20 Tons - 150 Tons

1. RSRH series Hydraulic Jacks has Relief valves that protect against over pressurizing.

2. Hollow plunger design allows for both pull and push forces.

3. It withstands full "dead-end" loads.

4. Collar threads are easy fixturing and all collar threads have a cap for protection.

5. It has a special center tube protect plunger and inner of cylinder increases product life.

6. Internal hard chrome-plated and external surface coating resists cylinder corrosion.

7. All the models include SQB-3/8UF coupler and dust cap.

Double Acting Hydraulic Jack Specification-RSRH-Series