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SUNRUN Make Hydraulic/Hand Pumps/SPHA-Series

Aluminium hand pump.

1. SUNRUN's hand pumps are always featured with their rugged construction and low handle efforts.
2. All aluminium alloy construction and hand size release knobs that anti-losing mechanism.
3. Special design with aluminium alloy construction as much light weight is ideally for easy portability and manoeuvring.

hand pump, hydraulic hand pump
Aluminium Hand Pump SPHA-1500 (SPHA-Series)
All aluminium alloy construction
hand pump, hydraulic hand pump
Hand Pump SPHA-1500 (SPHA-Series)
hand pump
Hand Pumps SPHA-Series Models Available
Hydraulic Hand pumps is a hand operated unit which supplies oil to Hydraulic Jacks when in use. The capacity of the hand pump is defined by the Usable oil capacity of the Hydraulic jack. They come with Piston plunger assembly which helps in developing the pressure of 700bar to raise the Hydraulic jacks.